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A-One Coated Abrasive is the manufacturer of 'MIKI' and 'MIKADO' brand Coated Abrasives in India. The company manufactures wide range of Coated Abrasives for the finest hand finishing and polishing to heavy stock removal to suit the buyers requirements that are available in the form of Sheets, Rolls, Discs, Belts and Strips suitable for applications in wood sanding, automotive refinishing, metal grinding, stone and terrazzo grinding, fibre glass industry, leather industry and general manufacturing.

'MIKI' and 'MIKADO' are the registered trademarks of A-ONE COATED ABRASIVE, INDIA.
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Coated Abrasives...!!?

Coated Abrasives are used by hand or on machines, applications are extremely varied, at home and in the industry for:

Fine Finishes: Hand sanding or polishing of wooden cabinets, car bodies, primers & metals.

High Precision Operations: optical lens polishing, magnetic head super finishing etc.

Medium Stock Removal with Portable or Fixed Machines: Floor sanding, disc grinding of metals, endless belts grinding of wood, metal, glass etc.

Heavy Stock Removal: With wide (up to 3 m) belts on high power machines (up to 400 watts) to grind stainless steel sheets or coils or to calibrate plywood or chipboards panels.

Sandpaper and Emery Cloth are coated abrasives for hand use, usually non precision. These two terms are used by general public in place of "Coated Abrasives".
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